Hi there! Thank you for your interest in the Gift of Light project! I got the idea for this project when my father brought home one of the Luci Lights that he bought from the camping store.I immediately thought about the possibilities and the difference these solar lanterns could make. From there, I contacted Change a Life Uganda. Change a Life Uganda is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for students and families in Uganda. Change a Life Uganda has created many programs that have provided food, water, microfinance projects, and schooling. I realized that with an efficient source of light, their quality of life could be further improved. Many families in Uganda use kerosene lamps, which are not only bad for the environment, but can also cause severe burns and other health issues. With the Luci Light, no kerosene or dangerous flame is needed, and families can now enjoy 8 hours of light. These solar lanterns allow the students to study during the night and also benefit the rest of their families. Donate today, and give the gift of light.
Change a Life Uganda is a New Jersey based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and disadvantaged children and their families in Migyera and Nabbingo, Uganda through quality education, healthcare and income-generating programs. If you wish to help, go to www.changealifeuganda.org or call Jean Semler at 732-833-1736.